by - June 28, 2019

Q: Oh my gosh. First, I just wanted to thank you so much for making this blog. I went through something so similar. I got pneumonia, didn’t realize I had it, and ended up stranded in the ICU with sepsis, ARDS, kidney failure and hooked up to an ECMO machine. The only difference is that I was VV ECMO. This blog has nearly brought me to tears so many times. I’m younger than you, still in my teens, and you are such an inspiration to me. I’m not going to tell you that you’re a miracle, because I’m sure you have heard it so many times, but you have affected me so much more than you can imagine. I seriously cannot thank you enough. It is so hard to find someone who has gone through something so similar, especially with how rare ECMO is. I’ve commented before, but not in a question box. Finally, here’s the question. Since you were VA ECMO, was your scar an oval shape or a different shape? Weird question, but just wondering if the cannula for VA is differently shaped. Sorry the comment was so long!

A: Thank you so much! This is awesome to hear and exactly what I had hoped for people like you to find. It's very difficult to find other young survivors of EMCO. There just aren't many out there. And with HIPAA, its nearly impossible for doctors to connect patients with similar stories. I hope this changes over time. I have two main scars from the VA ECMO cannulas. I have one from my femoral line, that happens to blend right in with my bikini line- or the body's natural folds. The other one is on my chest and it's just a straight line, but relatively large in length and diameter.

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  1. Hey there! Same person who asked this question. I would absolutely love to be able to chat with you, but unfortunately I do not have Instagram or any sort of social media. Is there another way I could get in touch with you?

    1. yes! I'm so sorry! email me at