What's a Coma Like?

by - April 10, 2017

The best way that I can describe being in a coma is like being blackout drunk. It's all black. Dark. Quiet. There was no white light. I couldn't hear anyone. No one came to visit me in my sleep to tell me to fight a little harder. Last I remember I was in the ED with a doctor who was asking me a couple questions, and then a week and a half later I was suddenly waking up in an ICU bed. Everything in between is gone forever. Remember those days in middle or high school when you'd take a nap after class so deep and so long you woke up and had no idea what day it was? Yeah, it's like that. It was peaceful, really. Well, for me at least. 

Waking up was incredible. It's like in the movies where they show someone waking up from their perspective. You see their eyelids open and close and everything is blurry. That's it. Except, not only was everything blurry, everything was disoriented. I heard a lot of talking before I opened my eyes. I heard my mothers voice first, like music to my ears. In my sight, she was in the upper left field of vision, upside down. She said it was like watching a new born baby trying to focus their eyes for the first time. There were bright strobes of purple and white light as I tried to focus. And then there she was. My biggest supporter, my mom. In perfect focus. 

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