by - April 18, 2017

Q: Do you ever feel angry about what happened to you? Like, do you ever ask yourself, "Why me?"

A: No, I don't feel angry. I never was. I mourned, and I was sad. But, I was always looking at the bigger picture. I found myself asking "why did I survive?" rather than "why me?" How did I go through this catastrophic medical experience and live? Why did I survive the odds and defy death? Do I have a bigger purpose? Not, why did the universe specifically choose me? What did I do to deserve this? Is this karma? I never looked at it that way. I didn't pity myself. Instead, I had a new lease on life. Growing up I understood that not everyone in this world can be extraordinary. And I was okay being just ordinary. Then I got sick. It was the best thing that ever happened to me because I finally felt like I had a purpose. I had a way to give back through my experience and perspective. I could turn this into something good. I'm never angry, but always thankful.

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